The makers of need based software products



The 22 year old Abinandhanan had a vision to start his own company while being in incubation at Zoho for a software developer position. Calotropis Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd his dream company started this year after years of development, research and legal formalities. Calotropis develops products for new world problems, especially for small businesses and organizations.

“We began our journey as a software products company since the emergence of the reducing quality in dedicated development for business solutions” Abinandhanan in his own words. They aim at solving the problems which consume the valuable time of our customers, thereby making them available to more important routine and improving their overall lifestyle.

Calotropis have four products as of now:

AppArtment – an Apartment Management system which includes payment and security for housing societies

Blogonic-News – a Personal Blogging solution for news or general bloggers

Tacky HR – Full Feature HRM with dedicated applications deployed for cutomers

Orderable – a Food/Item ordering system

All products focus on developing intrinsic customizable systems for the new era, which makes their products unique.

The solutions they have are for regular errands which have not seen the technological sprint in the evolution of urban society. “Our platter of products for businesses expands well beyond the traditional requisites of Enterprise Resource Management and Customer Relationship Management solutions. We strive constantly to evolve with respect to the future trends, thus keeping our clients at their business for a longer time” says Abinandhanan.

The founder and the journey


The founders are Abinandhanan Sripal Udhaykumar, B.E, who is the Managing Director, and his mother Nibunamathy Duraisamy, 50. Abinandhanan is 22 years old, was a managing partner of Edge Solutions and Lead Developer at WebDGraphy (

The company was founded in 2016, after a lot of works, out of which most solved similar problems. They have two branches in Chennai, one in Tambaram and another in Velachery. The sales team is in Bengaluru and the dev support is provided from Pune also.

About funding and challenges

The company getting requests for funding of their product AppArtment, but in Abinandhanan’s own words, “we do not wish to be pushed by anything else than our own visions, so for now we are running a bootstrapped business”. They have put up a working capital of around ten lakhs into this.

The main challenges they face in the words of the founder is theft of idea, and cheap development. “People offer to develop for a very cheap price the same idea, with a very low-grade quality”.

Marketing and future plans

 We have started to shoot advertisements for our products and we plan to get them into facebook and youtube advertising by the New Year. For now word of mouth happens to be a very good form of marketing, as it places us at a niche segment.

 We aim at providing AppArtment to a minimum of 50 housing societies within the next half year. We have an upcoming Mobile based service CRM which we hope to sell 100 unites within the coming year. We plan to open a branch in Bengaluru  and to expand their platter of product with IOT based applications, concludes Abinandhanan.