Bridging the technology gap


_dsc0083Technology and digital wave has left a feeling of disconnect today. If you wonder how, Vidushi Daga, founder-director of Clone Futura tells about it.

“I observed that people above 45 years are now falling into the ‘generation gap’ as youngsters are almost intuitively better with technology. I realized this gap when I discovered that my aunt was struggling with her newly-purchased phone. Her frequent queries wouldn’t get solved even after repeatedly requesting her son” says Vidushi. From the current estimates, this disconnect runs to well over 600 million people in our country alone.

Her venture, Clone Futura cater to technological needs of kids, women and seniors; transforming their lives. The trainers of Clone Futura visit them and helps them to open up an entire new world filled with possibilities.This growing movement has empowered over 80,000+ citizens within a span of 4 years.

Clone Futura not only ensures that first time internet users, especially the elders, get a loving, helping hand to learn about internet and latest gadgets. They also provide productive, constructive & cyber safety training to kids & schools to innovate, program & have project based learning.

The founder

Ms. Daga began her career at 14, as distributor for products and exhibiting them, moving on to the Bullion Industry with her Grandfather who was then the president of The Bombay Bullion Association. True trendsetter, and just aged 17 years, Ms. Daga then forwarded to The Bombay Stock Exchange with Ramesh Damani Securities where she was a very successful arbitrageur. Continuing her journey and balancing her personal life with professional life, Ms. Daga came up with the concept to get into the space of Technology to Transform Seniors and Women digitally. T hat’s when Clone Futura was incepted and conceived where she started from home with just 3 students in July 2012 and it has spread with humungous leaps and bounds in entire Mumbai.

The vision and achievements

Children need good guidance to deal with the onslaught of so much exposure to technology. Homemakers are not necessarily trained to teach their kids about the use of technology. Hence, we give an opportunity to youngsters to learn with us and then teach the children and senior citizens. All these factors led to the start of Clone Futura, which means cloning future.

 “Our dynamic team visualizes an e-Literate India and is fast moving towards the fulfilment of this mission” says Ms Daga. “We have also created a competition called WhizJuniors for children to take part in so that they geta reason to be productive and be safe online on their gadgets” .

They provide training and jobs to college students thus supporting the Skill India Movement so that the youth become job-ready and it also empowers our students.

Recently they had introduced ‘Free digital wallet training’ programme starting from 21st November 2016 to 30th December 2016 for housewives and senior citizen.

Ms.Daga has won the prestigious ‘Woman Entrepreneur of the Year’ 2013 & ‘Concept of the Year Award’ 2013 for South East Asia. She is also privileged to work very closely with the Indian Army, Service Tax Department, Mumbai & Maharashtra Police, Anti-Corruption Bureau, Cyber Crime Cell and Narcotics Department. They have also conducted a Cyber Safety Seminar at an All India Level where 2,400 All India ICSE Principals were trained.

They have invested /funded around Rs 10 million in the company so far.


 Marketing strategies

“From all my experience that I have had right from the evolution of Clone Futura, the best method that has proved worthy is word of mouth, says Ms.Daga.  “So long as you create exceptionally happy customers, word of mouth will act as a key customer acquisition tool for you” she continues.

They also plan few free learning courses as per the need of the hour. Recently, post demonetisation they provided free digital learning wallet training to senior citizens and housewives.

Challenges facing

Entrepreneurship is hard, for men and women alike. Lack of strong mentorship, struggle with finance and funding, finding the right talent, scaling up and turning it profitable etc are some. These challenges are heightened further if you are a women—stereotyping and responsibilities at home, social circle etc. “I have been really fortunate and did not face much of a challenge while setting up of Clone Futura. I have been really grateful to be blessed with a supportive family. My husband has been my real strength and he has also been managing the backend operation of Clone Futura. This has given me a chance to completely focus on the business strategy and business development” says Ms.Daga.

Future plans

Started in Mumbai, now they have initiated pilot projects in different regions of the country. They are planning to expand and open a home based centre in every corner of India mostly by December 2016. Additionally, they are also look at expanding the team of trainers from 4000 to 6000 people in the next 2 years. “We aim to double the revenue from 10 million to 30 million in the next one year” she adds.

“Apart from the numerous thing that entrepreneurship has taught me over 4 years successfully running Clone Futura, one crucial thing I’ve learned is the importance of having the right people in your team. Success is always achieved when you have team work in your organisation where each and every one has ownership of their work. Teamwork is a crucial part of a business. It’s worth the extra effort to find the right employees, and vendors who believe in your company’s mission and passionately desire to contribute to it – not just those who want to punch the clock or get their share of profits” she concludes.